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The Poetic Bond IV Submission Window NOW CLOSED

Now in its fourth year, this annual anthology of poetry from new media, social and professional networking, is mainly garnered from the professional networking website, LinkedIn, but also has contributions via poetry groups, performance and word of mouth. The submission process is unique in that choices for inclusion are made on the basis of emergent themes and congruency in the pool of work submitted; it is therefore also a snapshot of the poetry of NOW, seeking to capture the zeitgeist of the moment. 

It is also unique in that every poet, if they so request, is given feedback.  © Trevor Maynard 2009 -2014

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The Poetic Bond IV

Submissions were called for from 2 April, 2014. There is no specific brief in the expectation that the themes and style of the anthology will evolve organically. Once submitted, the pool of work will be made anonymous and read by a team of independent readers before being returned to myself as editor. Where there are congruent themes, ideas or a style, these poems will be grouped together; those that fall outside this emergent consensus will not be used in the anthology.

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Poetic Bond

Trevor Maynard, editor of The Poetic Bond series is the manager of the LinkedIn group

“Poetry, Review and discuss” and also the author of two poetry collection and several plays

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Keep On Keepin’ On (2012)

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From a biscuit crumb on your lover’s lips, to the death of a Princess, to the formation of galaxies far, far away, human is our condition, life is our journey, and come agony, joy, or even world-weariness, life is for living, keep on keepin’ on.


"The Path Now Known" is to be released  April 2014

Based on Love, Death and The War on Terror (2009), the new edition is a revision which will include five new poems.

We, the people, still meet each other, fall in love, and generate enough good in the world to counter and hopefully, in the end, overhaul the evil. The terrorists may murder, the soldier may die, but in the end, humanity has love, and love will conquer all.

This edition will include the "Obama" Trilogy.

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