An anthology of poetry complied through new media and social networking

The Poets of THE POETIC BOND III anthology 2013

 Meet the Poets of THE POETIC BOND III


Christine Anderes - Migration / The Moon Rides High In The Sky

Born under a full moon, has a Masters in Art History and MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington.  She is a mother of three, EMT, jujitsu practitioner and guardian of numerous animals including an upper level dressage horse.  Working on three poetry collections; Bodies in Motion, Juggernaut and Women in Heat. 


Graham Bates - Rapture / Jazz Intelligence

G.D. Bates lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.  His poems explore the landscape of thoughts and feeling, and are occasionally lyrical, but mostly in the form of free verse or prose.

Becky Behar - About Turner's Paintings of Venice I & II


Mark Beechill - Back to Work

Mark Beechill lives in Canterbury in the UK. His writing addresses themes relating to work, mental health and finding his place in the world, often accompanied by dry humour. He blogs at and and his first two volumes of poetry are available to buy from


BJ Brown - Edu-can't Cry Sis

BJ is the author of "Diary Of An Affair" and is an accomplished freelance writer and engineer.


Rosalind Brenner - God's Rebuke

Painter, poet and glass artist, published in Cortland Review, Southampton Review, Long Island Sounds, Walt’s Corner, Taproot, Performance Poets Review, Ontologica, Arroyo Review, Broken Circles, Shouts and Whispers. Honorable Mention poetry and essay New Millennium Writings. Books include “All That’s Left,” Art House Press and “Omega's Garden,” Finishing Line Press.


Nikki Bennett - Hinge Cradles Its Own Cap /Thicker Skin

Nikki has read in UK, USA and Europe. She supports creative writing for wellbeing and therapy, and especially highlights women’s issues. Her poems have appeared in various magazines and she has six book collections and two CD’s. Love Shines Beyond Grief was nominated for the ‘Ted Hughes Award for New Poetry’ 2010.

Clark Cook - Stopping Train

A retired university English teacher, CLARK COOK divides his time between the cold of a rural home 400 miles north of Vancouver and the heat of a tiny village in Pacific Mexico. His poems explore often weird contexts to probe the myths and societal values within which personae seek understanding. For more of his online work see


Ian Colville - The History of the Clothes Line in Medievel Europe / The Waiting Bridge

Blogs and writes poems under the pseudonym of 'iainthepict', a nom de guerre that fails to hide his origins. He's been scribbling away at the poetry for most of his life, only latterly becoming focused. Ian appears at local open mic events, but mostly, he reads and writes...


Sam Doctors - A Supine Oak / A Brindled Cast / In Praise of Stones Fences

Retired professor of business and government (2005), recently moved to the North Tahoe area where his wife is the rabbi; published a chapbook in August 2011, Moods and Moments of a Restless Mind, Finishing Line Press. He has published more than 25 other poems and several memoir essays in the past eight years.


Sumita Dutta - Her Flight

A poet and writer based in Chennai, India.  Some of her work can be found on various websites as well as her personal blog


Linda Dupret - The Scent of Honey.

Wife of John-the-Artist, Belinda DuPret lives by the sea near Brighton, England.  She was a professional TV journalist for thirty years and has loved wordplay all her life.  Belinda often uses self-mocking humour in her work and described writing as the joy of her life.


William DiBenedetto - Triton Beach / Angelo's Hat

 A writer and editor.He freelances for a variety of online and print publications and companies.  He lives win Seattle, WA 


GA Franke - Chief Joseph

Gilbert is a retired Lutheran minister, living in Bellville, Texas, USA, with his wife, Beth.  His interests include sailing, operating amateur radio, writing, reading, and traveling.  His poems have won several awards from The Society of American Poets


Nina Floreteng - The Shadow

Swedish; started writing poetry at the age of ten and has been sporadically writing ever since.  Currently writing her autobiography and taking creative writing courses.  Sharing some of her Swedish poetry on blog.


Louise Francois - Tomato 'Trumpet Red'

Poetic style is a marriage of English literary tradition and Grenadian vernacular (a fusion of European and African languages. M.A. 20th Century Caribbean Cultural History / MA (Commendation) Creative Writing


CK Grieve - The Anniversary

Working on his first collection of poems tentatively entitled "What the Right Hand is Doing The Left Does Not Need to Know", this is GK's first published poem.  He is also an author of several short stories, which are also currently seeking to escape his private collection and become public.


James Higgins - Family Trait /Party Manners

James Higgins was born in Texas, grew up there and in southern California before moving to Oregon where he graduated from the University of Oregon. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War Era. James is a member of the Oregon Poetry Association and Red Sofa Poets in Eugene, Oregon.


Scott Hastie - Life Collects

Scott Hastie is a successful British born poet and writer, who has been has been published in the UK for 20 years now. He currently has seven titles in print, including a novel and three collections of poetry. In recent years, the spiritual tone in his maturing poetic voice is starting to draw increasing acclaim and attention from an increasing worldwide audience, especially in the U.S. India & the Middle East.


Robin Ouzman Hislop - Red Butterflies / From Here to Silence

Robin Ouzman Hislop is editor of Poetry Life & Times &, Facebook,recent publications are Phoenix Rising from the Ashes,an anthology of sonnets,


Seamus Harrington - The Hunters

Seamus Harrington; has won prizes and has poems published in the U K, the US and in Ireland. He has read in Lake Orta, in Strokestown and contributed to Radio.


Diane Jardel - Light and Shade

I have been working as a poet/facilitator for Community Arts Partnership in Northern Ireland this year, visiting rural schools. I regularly contribute to LinkedIn Poetry Groups and have poems published in nine anthologies.


Mark L Levinson - The Book / The Agent

Mark L. Levinson is the fifth in a line of Harvard-educated Levinsons, but has lived in Israel since 1970. There he works as a translator and technical writer, frequents the local English-language literary scene, and actively follows politics. He has been married 36 years and raised one son. 


Carey Link - where am I

Carey Link lives in Huntsville, Alabama.  She has a B. A. in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and works as an Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist and mediator.  Link’s chapbook What it Means to Climb a Tree, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2011.  Her poetry has appeared in several publications.


Trevor Maynard - Beyond the Writing on the wall / The Chattering Ants

Author of two poetry collections "Keep on Keepin' On" and "Love, Death and the War on Terror", a collection of one-act plays "Four Truths" as well as the plays "GLASS" and "From Pillow to Post". All available at .  Married, four grandchildren and a fifth on the way - two cats, Smudge and Misty.


Linda Mills - Coal Taking / A Cloud of Butterflies

Over the past 35 years I have had poetry published in the US, England, Japan & Taiwan, and more recently online.  In 2010 I received first place in the Queen Mother Memorial Poetry Competition.  Now in my '70's and retired, I am able to devote myself to my writing and to travel with my very supportive husband.


Mermie "aka Lousie Robinson

"Jack-of-all-trades, master of a few...always chasing the eternal dream (whatever that is). Even if no-one buys my books I'll keep scribbling and sketching...its my bliss!


Simon Miller - Tingling Point

 Teaches English and Drama at an international school in Thailand where he lives with his wife and three growing children.  He has written several plays for young people.  His own childhood was spent between Botswana and England and he has rarely stopped exploring since.  Social history, culture and the natural world are his main fascinations, particularly the points where all three meet.


Marli Merker Moreira - Vacant Eyes

First a professor of literature and no time for serious writing.  Now, writes poems and an interminable novel.  As for identity, born in Brazil in a city that is the seat of German immigration and raised by German-speaking family.  Lived in the US for many years and is married to a typical Brazilian guy.  Taught French literature in college.  Lost in identity...


RH Peat - Forgotten Embroidery

RH PEAT, of California, has been published in the USA, New Zealand, India, and Japan. He’s taught workshops and read his work on radio & TV. He’s been listed in top 100 in Writer’s Digest Annual Poetry Competition, and he’s operated poetry readings sponsored by Poets & Writers Magazine.


Christine Pearson - I DIDN'T KNOW I LOVED

When she was two years old Christine met The Three Stooges. Nothing afterwards quite compared.  She wrote, she taught, made documentaries, ran non-profits, fell in and out of love, traveled, played a lot of Scrabble, that sort of thing. Today she lives a madcap life in the US with two children and one husband, proving true the cliché that life does, indeed, come full circle. 


Bonnie Roberts - God's Opposable Thumb Makes My Heart Feel Uncomfortable / Spirit Animal

Alabama poet, editor, lecturer, columnist, ocean-swimmer, silent-retreatant; former poet-in-residence, graduate poetry-writing guest professor, Fulbright Scholar, NEW Fellow, To Hide the Light: 1998 Alabama Book of the Year

Niek Satijn - alles fängt an mit der Neugier

Niek Satijn (Amsterdam) is intrigued by processes of change, cycles and apparent contradictions.  He uses themes like finiteness, change, restarting and differences in values in his poems and artwork.


Peter Alan Soron - Beard

Itinerant poet, writer, lost soul - lived in the US for years but now back in dear ol' Blighty.  My collection "The Watcher from the Beacon" is published by Willowdown Books, and I have been in several anthologies.


Sharla Lee Shults - Messages in the Wind

A mathematician turned poetess divides her time between inspirational poetry – messages from the heart inspired by life, love and whispers of yesterday, and historical poetry – messages embracing sacrifices to and for America. Author of “Echoes,” “Remembering” and “Awakenings.” Two volumes on the writing board: “catnipoflife” and “Reminiscent of Chocolate.” 


Charles Thielman - Faith in Ruins

Born and raised in Charleston, S.C., moved to Chicago, I have enjoyed working as a city bus driver, truck driver and enthused bookstore clerk. Married on a Kauai beach in 2011, a Grandfather for five free, spirits, my work as Poet and shareholder in an independent Bookstore’s collective continues!


Cigeng Zhang - Drunk Smile

I am from China with 15-year of freelance writing experience; graduated from the Beijing Capital Normal University. Now, work as a translator in a medical equipment company in Beijing.