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Melissa Bird

Melissa is a mother and wife devoted to family. In her pursuit of personal growth her poems have given

her strength and she hopes they will help others find meaning in their lives.

She is a child advocate in children's rights and has created a nonprofit called Brāv Lift. 


Denisa Parsons

I am a North Carolina resident, I live with my husband and family in the Raleigh area.

I graduated from Catawba College in 2013 with a BA in English and Philosophy.

I have E-books available on Amazon, my latest is titled: Wrecked, Beyond Belief.  


Joseph Sinclair

Joseph’s lifelong commitment to writing encompassed a fifty-year marketing career in transport and shipping.  After retiring in the 1990s,

he formed Authors’ Self-Publishing Enterprise (ASPEN) which became his publishing imprint.  He has edited and published several house magazines.

His sixteen published books range through transport history, self-help, fiction, drama and poetry.


Diane Burrow

At 9 years old, my teacher predicted: you'll be a poet.  Since then, encouraged by adverts for poetry,

I have written many published in anthologies and I was awarded prizes at a poetry- readings. 

Thanks to the encouragement of Poetic Bond, here I am back again, enjoying sharing my contributions. 


Pamela Hope Deluca Price

Pamela's interests are of a theosophical & esoteric nature. She recently spent many months in different regions of India and now lives in Oceanport,

N.J., USA. ''I am a newcomer to the Divine Art of Poetry, but as an old soul, words travel through me, as breath from my Beingness.''


Tatjana Lončarec

Published author of two collections of poems “That the World does not die” Zagreb 2005 and “Crowned Roses”, Split 2008., also published in Mute

Melodist Anthology 2016, Com-pen-di-um USA 2016, Realistic poetry International Anthology 2016.  Sometimes Anyway, NavWorks press 2017.

Active member of Morning Poetry association in Croatia, Zagreb.


Lee Landau

This poet writes with raw honesty about her personal landscape, interaction with family events, those dysfunctional backstories. She shelters emotional

trauma from the snowy winters of Minnesota that spark her imagination. She writes about Tangled Lives that tumble through her poems and life, an

honest and tender witness. She writes narrative poetry rich in images and sonic elements.


Amber Jimenez-Flores

I go by FunSized. I am married, have beautiful nieces & nephews that I love as my own, am an Ovarian Cancer Fighter, don't believe that blood signifies

family, love deeply, write powerfully and try to live fully. My professional education and experience can be found on  


Betty Bleen

Betty’s collection of poems, Bad Red Shoes, is available on Amazon and she has been published in several anthologies. You can read her poems

 bi-weekly in the Ohio Chinese American News. Her website is & fan page:  An incurable flower child she believes all you need is love.


Karen Nurenberg Rothstein

Mother, lover, artist, poet, I am these things because it is the only way I know and they get me through each day.

Love your life, smile, and be happy. 


Madeline Lipton

Madeline is a lifelong New Yorker who has enjoyed a love of writing and music since childhood. Before an 8th grade teacher encouraged her work,

she kept a diary of everyday and momentous occasions. Madeline has been published on Long Island and nationally.

Married with 2 children and a Hemingway cat.


Sajida Khan

Sajida Khan started writing poetry as a way to deal with the world around her. She likes to travel to find words, but often words can be found at home.

She would like the love affair between pen and paper to be rekindled and to start letter writing again, therefore has started writing letters to herself!


Darrell Wright

Darrell received his Licentiate in Philosophy from the Angelicum University in Rome. Some of his poetry can be seen at 

His publications include "The Revelations of St Bridget and Church Reform" and "Titanic II: The Diary of Rose Dawson," and twenty-one books

which he has edited.


Lizzie La Pool (Elizabeth Aiyar)

Lizzie La Pool came into being when Elizabeth Aiyar met Mr Parkinson - this presence, (Parkinson Disease) is an all-consuming and uninvited guest,

yet has concentrated my mind.


William DiBennedetto

William is a Seattle-based freelance writer and editor. He’s a reader, focusing mainly on his Modern Library and science fiction collections.

He grew up in Northern Virginia and worked in journalism for many years in Washington D.C.

He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English.


Lexene Burns

Lexene is a retired bank officer who was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and is now living in Darwin, Australia.  

She began the writing of poems for her book, Orb Insights and inspirations, self-published in 2014.  Lexene's interests also include

photography, writing, painting and drawing.  Further details 


Cigeng Zhang

Cigeng from China is a freelance English translator. She began writing English poems in 2012. She has had eight poems published in

The Poetic Bond III to VI, including her first “Drunk Smile”.  Her bilingual poetry collection “Rouge in the Water” was published in China in January 2017.


Lynne Zotalis

Lynne is a published author and poet with a life-long pursuit to BE a peacemaker.

Environmental activism gives her hope that her children and grandchildren will enjoy clean water and pure air.

Lynne's books focus on waging peace, anti-bullying and grief recovery.


Belinda DuPret

UK born Belinda DuPret has lived in New Zealand, Australia and France, working as a TV reporter, foodwriter and DJ –

she’s supported many bands, including Free, Jethro Tull and others. Back in the UK, her work’s been published in TPB 6 years running.

Themes include Self-Scenting; Tattooed Ladies; Da Vinci - and a perfumed afterlife. This year she dreamed of butterflies.


Suzanne Askham

Suzanne teaches meditation in Wiltshire, UK, and writes widely on holistic subjects. With an English degree from the University of Cambridge,

She believes in the beauty and therapeutic power of words. Her poems arise from travel, dreams and her respect for the healing potential

of human emotions.


Kelli Gunn

Kelli Gunn is a single mother of two from New Brunswick, Canada. She studied creative writing at Kwantlen Polytechnic, has a BA from the

University of New Brunswick and an MA in English Literature from Acadia University. She is currently completing a BEd in Adult Education


Fiona Sullivan

The Mersey Poets freed Fiona to write as she liked. She did performance poetry in New Zealand and Australia and now creates books in Cornwall.

The first one, “Allotted”, is on Amazon and there's a poetry one coming and recipes, death, science fiction, and then, perhaps, “The Taming of The Shrewd.”


Low Kwai Chee

I am Malaysian and have a passion for the English Language from young. I started writing poems since 2010 and have submitted them to and I love to express my feelings into poems and haiku.

My poem “Cold Winter, Warm Heart” was included in The Poetic Bond VI.


Pedro Cunha

I´m a Portuguese Economist, Blogger, writer and Poet. I´ve started my Portuguese Blog 10 years ago inspired by the great Portuguese poet

 Fernando Pessoa. I´m also Editor at TMU and I write as a Guest Blogger. I´ve published a poetry book in my native language (2014)


Robin Ouzman Hislop

Robin is Editor of Poetry Life and Times his publications include All the Babble of the Souk and Cartoon Molecules collected poems

and Key of Mist the recently published Tesserae translations from Spanish poets Guadalupe Grande and Carmen Crespo 

visit Robin Ouzman Hislop about author.  See Robin performing his work Performance (Leeds University) .


Nana Tokatli

Nana is Greek.  An AFS exchange student to the US. Painter, graduate of the Fine Arts School of Athens. 17 solo shows. Since 

2000 writes poetry in english and in greek, short stories in greek.  Two collection of poems: "to the counter-point" (rated 5 stars by Abebooks)

and "the rondo symphony". She has also appeared in Poetic Bond V and VI.


Richard Glen Smith

For fifty years I combined artwork and graphics with written content to explain processes for preschool, public school, university,

and health professionals.  After retirement I have created colorful sequential collages of illustrated images and language to address

important process patterns. These ten visual essays are at


Elaine Battersby

Originally from Preston, Lancashire, aged 38, Elaine fulfilled her lifelong dream of travelling along the Amazon River,

an experience which she feels awakened her inner writer and artist.

She is now working on two books and towards collating a selection of her poems, and short stories


Tom Sterner-Howe

Tom (WordWulf) Sterner is a multi-media artist employing imagery, music, photography, and WORD in his work. A native of Colorado,

he lives in Westminster. Tom's artwork, music, photography, and written word have been published widely in ink and on the internet.

Visit his website, contact at


Mariangela Canzi

I am Italian mother tongue, translator. My greatest passions are the English language and literature.

I started writing poems in English last year. It was a joke at first, it is a challenge and a pleasure now. 
In my poems I usually try to express my feelings and thoughts. 


Brian Walker

Poet, mentor, story–teller who is passionate about developing innate creativity and imagination.

Poetry is like music and the meaning has woken me to mysteries within and without.

Image by image poems remind me how to open the awe of the moment and the paradox of a heartbeat.  

Jane Johann

Jane, daughter of Aggie (Agnes) and Jim (Marvin) Johann, Wisconsin native and global citizen,lives in rural countryside, blessed with the serenity of nature.

Taste a bit more of what she has written at (Footprints of Thoughts)

Flavia Cosma

Flavia Cosma is a Romanian-born Canadian poet, author and translator.

Flavia has published more than forty titles of poetry, novels, travel memoirs and children’s literature.

She is the Director of the International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency, Val David, Quebec, Canada

Maria Youssefirad

" I write of a message for people to see, And hope it soothes some of the animosity.

It comes streaming through me from the Lord up above, I hope my words are helpful, they are written from love".

Kayla Matheson

Kayla has been writing poetry since age 6, and competing in the Interscholastic League Oral Reading Competitions from 3rd to 12th grade.  

She majored in English, became a teacher, and for the last 17 years, has been sharing her love of poetry with her students.

Gilbert A. Franke

Gil is a retired Lutheran pastor living with his wife, Beth, in Bellville, Texas, USA.

His hobbies include sailing, amateur radio (WB5RFQ), traveling, reading, and writing, especially poetry.

Gilbert has "indie published" three books of poetry. He maintains a web presence at, 

Annel Bell Martin

Annel’s poetry is inspired by emotions, memories, and nature. Some is included in her published memoir,

Just Ringing My Bell. She also has short stories published in two anthologies. (Available on Amazon).

Though she is currently working on a novel, she always finds time to read and write more poetry.

Mustofa Munir

Mustofa writes poems and stories. He is the translator of Poet Kazi Nazrul’s Sanchita, published by Outskirts Press Inc. USA.

His poem ‘Stratagem’ was published in anthology ‘Sometimes Anyway’ by NavWorks Press, Los Angeles.

He studied in Uppsala University Sweden and George Mason University, USA. He lives in Houston

April Fallon

A. D. Fallon is Professor of Literature and Poetry at Kentucky State University. She is also a poet, singer, and musician.

She received an MFA from University of Pittsburgh and a PhD in 20th Century Literature and Poetry from University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

She has published two books of poetry: Mindseye's Consort in 2013 and Universe of Discourse in 2011. She grew up in Downers Grove,

Illinois, and she currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Karen Henneberry

“Poetry in the Making” I, Karen Henneberry was born to be a social and political activist. My interests led to a formal education at MSVU.

With writing, research, critical thinking skills, and political activism at hand, poetry became my passion, allowing self-expression of life’s social fabric.

Deborah Esther Nyamekye 

Deborah is a prolific inspirational writer (Blogger, Published Author & Poet) from Ghana in West Africa.

Deborah is also in Christian ministry; teaching, writing and prophetic intercession. Link:

Chris Maynard

Chris has done many things and traveled many places, but now her garden is her joy,

she loves to walk by the sea, and is happy to see her poems find the light of day.

She is married to Brin, has 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren, and lives in sunny Southend-on-Sea.

Joseph Simmons

Joseph began writing poetry in college, recently published,  "Picture Frames a book of poetry." 

Each poem therein is a picture or statement, framing an idea or argument.

Vesna Adriana Arsenich

I live in Florida with my family. My passions are spirituality, poetry, art, aesthetics, and psychology.

They are interwoven in my daily life and influence my worldview and poetic message.

Wybrig De Vries

From the northern province of Freisland in the Netherlands. My languages are Freisian, Dutch and English.

When something affects me either positively or negatively my solution is to write either a story or a poem on the subject.

I ventured onto the poetry pages of LinkedIn and enjoy reading the poems of others.

Christine Anderes

Christine lives on a dune on a barrier beach. She’s a conservationist, animal activist and volunteer firefighter (EMS).

Christine has been a steady contributor to The Poetic Bond and is presently working on 3 collections of poetry: Bodies in Motion, Juggernaut and Deposed.

Bonnie J. Flach

Poet, writer & photographer, for the non-profit "Ocean Artists Society" & member of the Shelter Island Art Assoc. (San Diego).

Writes primarily, but not limited to, poems & stories on nature, wildlife and indigenous people themes.

Trevor Maynard

Poet, writer, and playwright.  Poetry collections GREY SUN DARK MOON  KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON editor of The Poetic Bond I - VII.  

Editor of the short story collection LIFE DANCES (including his own short story "The Dance").  Manager of the linkedIN Group,

POETRY, REVIEW, and DISCUSS, with over 17,700 members (Nov '17). Video performance Progress available on PLT.



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