1            All poems should be submitted using the submit button powered by SUBMITTABLE on The Poetic Bond website.   8            Poems will be read by an anonymous panel and those selected will appear in the anthology 15          Copyright Notice

Should my poem(s) be selected, I, as author of the work, agree to give Books permission to publish my poem(s) within the anthology known as THE POETIC BOND VIII (2018), in any media, and to use my name and poem in any marketing or promotional activity which pertains to the marketing and promotion of said anthology. Books agree that they cannot print or use any other media to publish any poem from the anthology individually, except with the express permission of the author.

2            All poems submitted, for which the submission fee has been paid, will be considered for inclusion in an anthology to be named THE POETIC BOND VIII (2018) 9            Based on the emergent themes within the selection the editor will arrange the poems into chapters in an anthology
3           You can submit up to four poems.  All poems must be the authors own work: unpublished poems and those previously published can be submitted
10          The decisions of the panel and the editor to select poem (s) for the anthology are final and no correspondence will be entered into save for notification of whether the work is to be included in the anthology
4            Authors are responsible for informing Willowdown Books of any licenses or conditions they may have assigned to third parties; any dispute that may arise is solely a matter for the author and the owner and the third party. 
11          Poets submitting work can CHOOSE to receive feedback on their work; this feedback is in the form of the REPORTS that the readers send to the editor.  These reports are NOT professional critiques tailored to the poet; THEY ARE the professional opinions of the readers and their purpose is to help the editor in their selection of poems to be included in the anthology.  Only poets who REQUEST feedback will receive it.     

The following, or equivalent, will appear in the anthology;

Willowdown Books asserts its copyright of this book as an anthology, by which is meant the collection of poems.  Willowdown Books asserts no copyright over any of the individual poems.  Copyright is asserted (by both Willowdown Books and the individual authors) under the Copyright Laws of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the United States of America and all the countries of the Berne and Universal Copyright Conventions. All rights, including Stage, Motion Picture, Television, Public Reading, Translation into foreign language, any Internet or related media is strictly reserved (by the author, or Willowdown Books as detailed above). 

5            Copyright remains with the author and authors of all poems selected will be asked to  agree to the copyright notice below (15) 12          Copyright of individual poems remains with the author at all times
6         Poems can be on any subject, have any form or style    13          Successful entries will be published in paperback in or after October 2018

7            Poems can be any length; however, due to practical constraints up to 120 lines of any one work will be included in the publication.  Longer poems should give a web link to the full piece,

14          All poems published within the anthology will be automatically entered for The Poetic Bond Poets' Choice Award - see below for details of this Award.  16             All poets submitting work to The Poetic Bond VIII will receive a free copy of one book of your choice from the following:  The Poetic Bond, The Poetic Bond II, The Poetic Bond III, The Poetic Bond IV, The Poetic Bond V, The Poetic Bond VI, Grey Sun Dark Moon (poetry) by Trevor Maynard, Echoes in the Earth (poetry) by Pushpita Awasthi, Watchers from the Beacon (poetry) by Peter Soron, Keep on Keepin' On (poetry) by Trevor Maynard, Four Truths (four one act plays) by Trevor Maynard, Glass (full length play) by Trevor Maynard (one-act play) From Pillow to Post  by Trevor Maynard.  Postage will be free in the US and UK, however, additional postage MAY be required for countries outside these regions. 
1.            All poets selected for publication in The Poetic Bond VII will be eligible to vote for “The Award”   4.          Poets will be given at least three weeks to cast their votes.   No votes will be accepted after the voting deadline. 9           The Editor, nor anyone associated with The Poetic Bond, will have no input into the vote, and will not recommend, give an opinion, or otherwise seek to influence the voters in any way.
2.            The editor will contact each poet selected for publication in The Poetic Bond VII after the proofreading stage of the publication process.  Each poet will be sent, by email, a pre-publication draft containing just the poems*.  Each poet will be asked to vote on the three poems which, in their opinion, most engage and inspire them. (*Any poem in the anthology by the editor will be omitted from this draft as it will not be eligible for “The Award”)   5          There will be three awards of $25 each for the three poems who secure the most points. 10        The vote will be counted and collated by the Editor, and the result of the vote for the top ten poems announced on and in marketing and press releases for The Poetic Bond VII.  The announcement of the award-winning poems will be cited in final publication.  For transparency, a breakdown of the list of results for every poem, and the preference votes cast, will be available on request from The Poetic Bond editor.
6            A poet can win more than one award, the prizes are awarded on the basis of the poem, not the poet.
7            Winning of an award does not adjudge the poems who win in any other way than that the voting pool has chosen those poems.  
3,             The voting process will be one of 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference, where the following weighting will be applied – 5pts for 1st preference, 2pts for 2nd preference, 1pt for 3rd preference.  The three poems with the highest total points will be adjudged “The Award” winners. 8                The Editor, nor anyone associated with The Poetic Bond, will have no input into the vote, and will not recommend, give an opinion, or otherwise seek to influence the voters in any way. 11          Correspondence for any reason regarding “The Award”, save for notification of the results, will not be entered into.