Christine Anderes     - Illumination              

Christine is very busy… and happily writing


Mark Beechill - Wrangle                                 

Writer & designer living in Canterbury, UK. His first two books of poetry are available to buy from Follow him online on Twitter:@haikutrumpet


Scott Pendragon Black - Past                      

US Navy veteran, SCUBA diving, chess playing, history buff, from NYC, served in the first Gulf War. With Uncle Sam as travel agent, visited much of the world. His experience of the smoke and confusion of the 2001 WTC attacks lead to the creation of a NFP training organization which to date has empowered and educated over 500,000 across the globe.


Rosalind Brenner - The Night Jesus Spoke / Meeting Mother / Art Show

MFA, painter/poet, published in many poetry magazines, as well as the anthology Broken Circles - readings of which helped fund food pantries in NYC. Poet/actor in Poetry Repertory Theater, producer of The Annual Poetry Affair, LTV Studios, East Hampton, NY. Many awards including Long Island Quarterly's Gertrude Stein "look-alike" contest.  Published books: "Omega's Garden," (Finishing Line Press) "All That's Left," (Art House Press)


Robert Clark Cook - Another Kind of Sunset

This Canadian poet's work explores the interplay between landscape and inner questing as a path to mythic truth.  Current poetry appears in The Poetic Bond III and IV, Bridge of Fates (Lost Towers Pub), under Moonfroth on Hubpagesand in various LinkedIn poetry groups. 


Catherine DeWolf                Tantrum            

Catherine dares me [Ed.] to publish the following biography, so quote “I want to thank my friends, Shakespeare, Yeats, Dostoyevsky, Byron and Rae, for giving me the courage to write.  Yes, as they've all instructed me, as their next and greatest yet, I bow humbly to those before me.  Yet, I know I am capable, as I hear their voices every day and night!”


William DiBenedetto - 3am overdraft blues

I'm a writer based in Seattle.


Belinda Dupret - The Scent of Trees                    

Has been a 60's DJ; Rock Promoter and TV Journalist.  Now she lives in England with her artist husband and writes poetry.  "I'm not prolific" she says "But I like my work to have a certain  redolence."


Bonnie J Flach - Navajo Sand Painter

Poet and photographer for the non-profit "Ocean Artists Society." She also contributes poems to "The Australian Times" electronic poetry magazine. Bonnie writes primarily poetry on nature, wildlife and the plight of the indigenous people of the Americas and pacific islanders. She lives in Southern California


GA Franke - Reflections on the Sea  

A retired Lutheran minister lives in Bellville TX – USA, with wife Beth.  Interests include sailing,  writing, reading, traveling, and operating amateur radio – WB5RFQ. 



Ingrid Gjelsvick - the floe inside the bookcases / no frame

Born, raised and educated in Oslo, Norway. Currently works in administrating services to support children with special needs and their families. Writing since about 2009, but poetry and prose have been a great interest in whole her life. She often is searching for a picture of those small moody moments in her poems, or an atmosphere. Writing gives her a flow- or some kind of meditation.

GK Grieve - Dark Soul                                    

Still working on his first collection of poems but now has no idea what the title will be.  He is also an author of several short stories, which are still currently seeking to escape his private collection and become public.  This is his second published poem.

Peter Hagen -    To Set A Big Cry Free

Peter Hagen has worked as a journalist and sub-editor in Norway for more than 30 years. He is represented in two Norwegian poetry anthologies, and is now editor and deputy chairman at Trident Holding Ltd.


Seamus Harrington - Free Downloads / Open Day

Has won prizes and had poems published in the UK, US and Ireland. Has read his verse in Lake Orta, Strokestown and in France, and contributed to the Radio Programme "Seascapes." He has a piece accepted by the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. One of his poems was highly recommended in the Gregory O'Donoghue Poetry Competition.


Diane Jardel -    Alzheimer Blues (1 & 2):  It’s Ok / I am here my love  

I lived most of my life in England, four years in Mexico and one year in Israel and now I live in a beautiful inspiring lake land area of Northern Ireland. I facilitate poetry workshops for a charity that aims to affect positive intercultural change.


Trevor Maynard - the earthmovers / Clarity

Five grandchildren with two more on the way; published work includes; Poetry-  Keep on Keepin’ On; Love, Death and the War on Terror; plays - Four Truths, Glass, From Pillow to Post; web  Contributions to Aesthetica, Men in the Company of Women (Edgar Allan Poet);; Montage published in Miracle Magazine.

Clare Mikkelsen - A New Bottom Line / Tiny Banker

Formerly a social worker, now working as a stained glass artisan.  Working member of the Alabama State Poetry Society.  Had poem selected for Whatever Remembers Us, an Alabama poets' anthology. Shorter version: Claire Mikkelsen --Glass artisan, believer in social justice, based on eight years' experience in social work. Her work featured in many local anthologies as well as Whatever Remembers Us, a state anthology.


Jude Neal - The Arrangement

Lives in Canada and has been published prolifically in Canada, US, Europe, and the UK. Her words touch and move the reader. She is also a classically trained mezzo soprano.


Hongvan Nguyen - Singers

Graduated in English (specialization poetry) and philosophy from George Mason University. Author of two poetry books, Under the Stone and The Chickadees. Her first book was Award Finalist in the 2011 Readers Favorite Book Contest. Her second book won 1st Place Award 2011 Royal Dragonfly Book Competition (Five Star Publications).


RH Peat - At the Cost of Others’ Eyes / Crows in the Snow        

Californian, published in the USA, New Zealand, India, and Japan. Taught workshops and read his work on radio & TV. Been listed in top 100 in Writer's Digest Annual Poetry Competition, and  operated poetry readings sponsored by Poets & Writers Magazine. Book "Abyss Of The Moon" deals with rediscovering love in later life.

Patricia Pfahl - How To Love A Woman / The Hammock / Obsidian

Patricia has lived in Southwestern Alberta for 22 years; born in British Columbia.  She is raising three kids with her husband on a cattle ranch - a very cool existence.

Bonnie Roberts - Daddy, Who Cut The Moon In Half?

/ Swimming Home To Myself

Poet, editor, columnist, publisher, ocean-swimmer, silent-retreatant; former poet-in-residence, graduate poetry-writing professor, Fulbright Scholar, NEH Fellow, winner 1998 Alabama Book of the Year, Fellowship in Verse, Dublin; Jennifer's and Frederico's mother.


Sayed H. Rohani - Tales of Love

Born in Afghanistan. He lives in the United States. As a playwright, he has published Will-0’-the Wisp and The Universal Players; as a novelist, he has published Into the Shadows, Into the Light; Humanity May Fail, Not Truth and Justice; Innocent Tears; and Wedding in the Sandcastle.


Peter Alan Soron - Click here to make a million

Bearded Itinerant poet, writer, lost soul - lived in the US for years but now back in dear ol' Blighty.  My collection The Watcher from the Beacon is published by Willowdown Books, and I have been in several anthologies.


Cigeng Zhang - What was left                      

From China, graduated from the English Dept of the Normal University, Beijing; started writing Chinese poems 16 years ago. In 2012, began writing in English. The poem Drunk Smile was published in the Poetry Bond III in 2013 in the UK.  Now Cigeng is a member on LinkedIn and