The Poets of The Poetic Bond – Spotlight – Christine Anderes










I had dreamt about this house

lived in it    written about it    before

I had entered it    perched

on stilts     on its dune


It sings in me     this house

a calming harmonic



I have dreamt of danger     in

this house    mortal    wooden

this house as a lifeboat


Sitting on the deck    I look

through the windows

at the ocean


This house is an ark    anchored

to the shore     but I see only water

no land    and the water

sets this house    ablaze



When viewed from above



                  seems so neat

manageable          against


the sun-glazed ocean

                         its muffled




We arrive on Fire Island

                              once again

my flock

                 scatters on landing


my boys to the boats

my girl to the boys


           © 2014 Christine Anderes.  Published in The Poetic Bond IV© 2014


         © 2013 Christine Anderes. Published in The Poetic Bond III © 2013




   Somewhere Else …


The Poetic Bond VI




he shore rambles on

expanding and contracting


the moon rises out of a turquoise nest


light alive with such tender softness


the sky growls

it’s the light   always the light


fickle Parisian light

flower clinging to a bare branch




the grass hisses


another hostage executed

somewhere else


a shining hatred   hard as a copper penny

a primal memory struck like a match




a cloying mist   descends like a shroud

time is dark   the moon hidden


another sound asserts itself

soft static   the rain   licking the pavement


spittle of night   congealing in pools


unremembered dreams




mosquito nets soft as silk

the color of lust


a hand has touched me

not somewhere else   but here


the intake of breath

a hot flush   genital pulsing


sometimes just a shadow

suggests the clefted chambers




watching time move   the sky


eyes like glittering spoons

voices bright as polished brass




a crisp zest cracks open the day


once again   the nest-studded trees

begin to blossom


warm days raise hopes




submission window

opens march 31st, 2016


The purpose in putting together these anthologies is to harness poetry through professional and social media and to engage actively in sharing poetry with other poets, thus bringing poetry to the general public. 


No specific brief is given in the expectation that the themes and style of the anthology would evolve organically.


Once submitted, the pool of work is made anonymous and read by a team of independent readers before being returned to the editor.


Where there evolved a congruency of theme, idea, or style, these poems were grouped together; those that fell outside this emergent consensus are not used in the anthology.  The readers’ reports were made available for those who wished to have direct feedback on their work.  


In the resulting volume I will set out to produce a portfolio of work from a representative group of poets which I hope will not only illuminate, educate, and entertain, but will also shows how poetry, and in fact all Art, reveals and shares our humanity.


© 2015 Christine Anderes.  Published in The Poetic Bond IV© 2015


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