The Poets of The Poetic Bond – Spotlight – Cigeng Zhang




   What was Left


   At 8 o'clock




What was left

Or not

Flowery years

Prime of youth

Vanished into the void


Petals fallen 

Essence rotten

Where to join

A funeral march


The mourner

Walked far away


Nothing easy stay

Loss, regret, pain

So easy beset


All of it

  Just a short span 



At 8 O’clock in the morning

She saw the sun as a hawthorn

She saw the cloud as an oleander

She saw the chimney as a river

Who did appear over there?

Surprised, on crutches was an old man

Sitting in a boat along a canal

Singing aloud an odd song --

In front of me there is a devil

Going to catch the Monkey King

Going to seize the trip taker

The devil is weird and tempting

She is a White Bone Demon

At 8 O’clock, this morning …


           © 2014 Cigeng Zhang.  Published in The Poetic Bond IV© 2014


         © 2015 Cigeng Zhang. Published in The Poetic Bond V © 2015




   The Moon, The Poet


The Poetic Bond VI




What is behind the poet?

A lonely heart through a night

What is behind the moon?

A crystal teardrop on a stone

The poet takes out his heart

He retains nothing

The tears shed from the stone

She says nothing

The poet stares at the moon

Heart broken

The moon looks at the poet

Tears sweeten




Submission window open 31st March, closes 30th June, 2016

The purpose in putting together these anthologies is to harness poetry through professional and social media and to engage actively in sharing poetry with other poets, thus bringing poetry to the general public. No specific brief is given in the expectation that the themes and style of the anthology would evolve organically.

Once submitted, the pool of work is made anonymous and read by a team of independent readers before being returned to the editor.  Where there evolved a congruency of theme, idea, or style, these poems were grouped together; those that fell outside this emergent consensus are not used in the anthology.  The readers’ reports were made available for those who wished to have direct feedback on their work.  

In the resulting volume I will set out to produce a portfolio of work from a representative group of poets which I hope will not only illuminate, educate, and entertain, but will also shows how poetry, and in fact all Art, reveals and shares our humanity.


© 2015 Cigeng Zhang.  Published in The Poetic Bond V© 2015


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