The Poets of The Poetic Bond – Spotlight – Gilbert A. Franke




   Music, Love, and memories


   Reflections on the sea







Hidden behind the shadows

of today and yesterday

she saw the clearer visions

of her childhood.


She spoke excitedly of the train

that moved their household,

their livestock, and themselves

from Sisterdale to Pearsall.


The man standing before her

bore a vague resemblance to her father

but without the sun-browned complexion

and work-hardened hands.


He had carried her home from the field

when she stepped barefooted

on a mesquite thorn.


In the evening

as her swollen foot

soaked soothingly

in a warm Epsom salt bath

his calloused fingers

took up the violin she loved to hear. 

He played the melody

that reminded her

of bumble bees

on Lantana bushes

by the front door.


His music and his love

calmed her throbbing foot.


But why does he keep asking,

“Mama, do you know me?”



Like a bloodshot eye in the eastern sky

the moon climbed over the hill,

and looking down on the coastal town

he saw the streets were still.


Just outside the bay on a tiny cay

a boat beached hard on the sand;

the keel beam struck, and the rudder stuck,

but no one raised a hand.


As the breakers churned and the mainsail turned

the moon looked over the sight;

he changed his hue for a better view,

from red to brilliant white.


On the broken neck of the forward deck

a lifeboat hung by a line,

and down below where a crew should go

it was a ghostly mine.


In the morning sky from the moon’s pale eye

the teardrop shape of a cloud

described his grief for that lonely reef,

while wind and surf sobbed loud.


Then the moon gave way to the light of day,

reflecting sorrowfully,

and passed along the eternal song

of sailors lost at sea.


© 2015 Gilbert A. Franke  Published in The Poetic Bond V © 2015


            © 2014 Gilbert A.Franke  Published in The Poetic Bond IV © 2014




   Promises from a rose garden


the poetic bond VI




"God gave us memory so that

we might have roses in December."

                                                    -- James M. Barrie

. . but even roses have thorns!


                              December Roses

Treasure traditions; they are your link to the past.


My garden of roses is covered in snow,

but blossoms abound in December!

Their fragrance still lingers wherever I go;

their beauty is what I remember.

Yet even those memories have thorns that can sting;

their pain often covers the pleasure.

I know that the rose in the snowbank will bring

a sorrow with joys I will treasure.




Embrace the present; it is the rose bud of tomorrow.


My steps on this pathway are not meant to last;

this moment is mine just to borrow.

Embracing the present before it is past,

I savor each bud for tomorrow.

We follow the trail through this garden of life

too anxious to turn the next corner.

I’ll pause to appreciate concord and strife;

pain comes with the pleasure I garner.



Spring Roses

Anticipate the future; it is the call of God.


From where I am standing an untraveled trail

leads onward far into the garden.

I summon my courage though wounded and frail,

dismissing my fears with a pardon.

My anticipation of blossoms in spring

propels me to seek this adventure,

as if I can hear, where the red roses sing,

God calling me into the future.




submission window

opens march 31st, 2016


The purpose in putting together these anthologies is to harness poetry through professional and social media and to engage actively in sharing poetry with other poets, thus bringing poetry to the general public. 


No specific brief is given in the expectation that the themes and style of the anthology would evolve organically.


Once submitted, the pool of work is made anonymous and read by a team of independent readers before being returned to the editor.


Where there evolved a congruency of theme, idea, or style, these poems were grouped together; those that fell outside this emergent consensus are not used in the anthology.  The readers’ reports were made available for those who wished to have direct feedback on their work.  


In the resulting volume I will set out to produce a portfolio of work from a representative group of poets which I hope will not only illuminate, educate, and entertain, but will also shows how poetry, and in fact all Art, reveals and shares our humanity.


© 2015 Gilbert A Franke.  Published in The Poetic Bond V © 2015


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