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Publication Date 21 October, 2015.   Biographies presented in the order they have been received.  


James Sutton – Lenny Bruce Presents … J.b

JAMES HERCULES SUTTON learned Latin and Greek at the Boston Latin School; English and American Literature at Brown University; and poetry at the Iowa Writers Workshop.  After a doctorate in higher Education, he served as lobbyist for Iowa’s teacher union. He lives in Des Moines with his wife and cat.  Book :"Love, God & Country," available on Amazon


RH Peat    - Flying Fingers / The Chinese Restaurant          

RH Peat is 74, lives in California foothills, USA; he's been published in USA, New Zealand, India, England, Canada, and Japan. He's operated poetry readings and taught workshops.

Bonnie J. Flach - Harbor Night Songs / Realization

Bonnie J. Flach - Poet, writer & photographer, for the non-profit "Ocean Artists Society" & member of the Shelter Island Art Assoc. in San Diego. Bonnie writes primarily, but not limited to, poems & stories on nature, wildlife and indigenous people themes. She also submits her poem for The Australian Times Poetry electronic magazine.

Brian McCully - The Journey of H'won

Hi, I’m Brian.  I am a doctor, and the father of 4 children, a cat, and 2 small dogs (ok, so the puppies belong to my girlfriend!)  This poem comes from my book, Why Goldfish Never Die, which is an exploration of living and self-awareness.  LINKS:  My book on Amazon  Why Goldfish Never Die  My website

Professor dr. Pushpita Awasthi - Cecile / Synonym of Love

Poetess, fiction writer, translator and literature ambassador, Professor Pushpita Awasthi has dedicated her life for the expansion and proliferation of humanity oriented literature. She taught 20 years university at India. Five years she worked at Indian Embassy now settling in the Netherlands as director of Hindi Universe Foundation.  Link: My Blog 

Nana Tokatli - The white carpet / an empty space

Painter and poet, is Greek. Graduate of the Fine Arts School of Athens. Has 17 solo shows. Since 2000 writes poetry in Greek and in English, short stories in Greek. Publications in English: 2003 “to the counter-point” received 5 stars at AbeBooks, UK. 2015 “the Rondo symphony”.  On Facebook: Despina Tokatli.

Sonia Kilvington - Wild Montana / Object of Desire

Sonia Kilvington is a journalist, short story writer, poet and novelist, living in Cyprus. She is currently published in the international noir collection Exiles, as well as being a regular contributor to Contemporary Literary Horizon in Romania. Sonia's first poetry collection, Dangerous Love, has been published in English and Romanian.  Links: My Facebook Page My website -  

GK Grieve - Jessica

Sixty, married again, happy for now.  Pleased once more to be in The Poetic Bond, my only public showings so far.  My first collection "What the Right Hand is Doing, the Left Does Not Need to Know" is still in progress, but I am hopeful.    

Betty Bleen - A Different Mourning

Poet/writer/painter of rocks/troll doll collector and owner of a cat named Mittens. Betty is married, has four grown children and five grandchildren. She is a biweekly contributor to the Ohio Chinese American News, based in Columbus, Ohio. Her collection of poems, Bad Red Shoes, is available on Amazon.  Links: Bad Red Shoes Facebook Fan Page  My website -

Belinda DuPret - Ginervra da Benci

……  has been a DJ,  TV & Radio News Reporter, plus International PR Manager for a major primary Industry.  Always she dealt in the facts, only the facts Ma’am.  Now as a poet she lets her mind roam, ignoring all facts whenever possible. Linda’s lived and worked in 6 different countries – her favourite city is Wellington.

Peter Alan Soron - For Love

Itinerant poet, writer, and lost soul, writing about the human condition, and Man's place in Nature.  My inspirations can be the merest fragment of thought or a daydream, sometimes a color, maybe a feeling of outrage, and in this case the ecstasy of love.     Link: My book of poetry, The Watcher From The Beacon is available on Amazon.

Linda Mills - Gone Sound / Sleepy Dragon

Nearly blind, language fills my life. I flex my words to communicate my world. I've had poetry published in magazines around the world and online, first as Linda Trujillo and more recently as Linda Mills. Now retired, I am able to write and to travel with my very supportive husband. 

Julie Clarke - A Babbling Stream / Behold the New Jerusalem

Hi my name is Julie Clark. I am married with two boys eighteen and twenty the eldest has mild autism, I’m a born again Christian. I wrote my first poem when I worked away from home for the first time and they have been a blessing to me. LINKS:  My book on Amazon  Journey Into Hope  My website

Robin Hislop - A Split Second Later's Late / The Split

Editor of the online journal Poetry Life and Times  (Web) & Facebook Pages of  Poetry Life and Times and Artvilla - which are extensions of the website for Artvilla . He's published in a variety of international magazines and a recent Anthology of Sonnets: Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.  All the babble of the Souk/all the life of the planet &/so little part of it, that I breathe  

Cigeng Zhang - At 8 'clock / Still For You / The Moon, The Poet

Cigeng Zhang, from China, was educated in the normal university in Beijing. She started writing English poems online in 2012. Her poems Drunk Smile and What Was Left were published in The Poetic Bond III and IV. She is a freelance English translator now in Beijing.

Gilbert A. Franke - Music, Love and Memories / Promises From A Rose Garden

A retired Lutheran minister, living in Bellville TX – USA, with wife Beth.  Interests include sailing,  writing, reading, traveling, amateur radio, chess, and “make believe” with four year old granddaughter.  Previously a member of the now disbanded Society of American Poets, with three small collections of poetry published. URL:

William DiBenedetto - wow they have

William DiBenedetto is a freelance writer and editor living in and loving Seattle since 1994. Born many years ago in New York City, he grew up in Northern Virginia and worked as a journalist in Washington D.C. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English. Web:; Email:

Rhona Davidson - Not Just a False Alarm / Waiting / Stuck

Rhona Davidson has been writing poems and stories since she was fourteen but has never previously submitted anything anywhere. When not pouring her soul onto paper, she works as a manager, reads widely and dreams of living in Italy…and being a full-time writer. Website planned – for now, contact via LinkedIn.

Caroline Glen - Together / Peach Tree

Caroline Glen grew from poetry, especially books her father, solicitor, bought from England: The Purple, Red, Yellow Book et al.  Taught at ten years: has published six poetry books, five for sale; Bookface, Gold Coast: gives readings, private editing, former editor FAWQ, member Worldwide Who’s Who of Executives & Professionals. Caroline's Blog

Kewayne Wadley - No Need to Rush

I have been writing since an early age. I have always had an interest in writing. Listening to some of my favorite artists and the thoughts that provoked them to pen their lyrics, eventually led me to write my own thoughts. Link:  Kewayne's Facebook

Ian Colville - Group-think

Ian Colville has had over 40 poems published in magazines and print collections. He's a regular contributor at local open mic events in Bedford, and publishes some of his work on a Blogger website, purely for vanity. When not writing he's reading, except sometimes he goes cycling – for hours. Link  Ian's Blog

Neetu Malik - The Cobwebs / A walk in the rain / Limbo

Neetu weaves life experiences and observations into her poetry and short stories. Fascinated by human nature and its complexity, she strives to convey its intricacies, struggles, and emotions through vivid and visual poetry, often drawing pictures with words to create images that seize and crystallize the transient moments of life. Links The Australia Times Poetry Magazine.  

Jill Angel Langlois - Botanical Garden

Jill Angel Langlois grew up in Park Forest, IL.  Her poems and short stories appear in literary magazines, nationally. Collections: Scattered Petals explores the healing power of nature. Whiskey Nights inspired by whiskey and music.  “Tell Me The Story,” a memoir, portrays growing up adopted, reuniting with her birth mother.

Amanda Valerie Judd - Poetry

A 40-something Indiana native currently living & working in the Washington, DC area, Amanda’s poetry has been published in anthologies & literary journals.  A collection of her poems, “Tainted Love,” is due out later this year.  She is currently at work on her first children’s book, “A Dog Named Bailey.”   Links:   My Website   My Facebook

Trevor Maynard - The Grey Sun / Human

Poet, playwright and editor, author of three poetry collections, published in Aesthetica and elsewhere.  My latest GREY SUN, DARK MOON, is available on My Website and by clicking the following link you can find all My books on Amazon.  I live in Surrey, UK, with my wife and our cat ; we have eight grandchildren.  

Leander Seddon - Bird of Paradise

Leander Seddon is a poet from Australia. She works in child protection and has degrees in English Literature and Psychology. She loves to sing and play guitar, and does both badly, but with gusto.  Link:

Diana Wend - Sleek in the Sea

I have a need to express mydellf through poetry partly our of a natural shyness.  I illustrated Blake's poem about the tiger at the age of nine. Animals and nature are prevalent in my interest.  I wrote a poem about a pair of herring gulls, rearing their young opposite me.

Clark Cook - An Autumn Journey / Reluctant Travellers

A Canadian poet who explores the mythic roots of love, loss, growth, recognition, and the creative process.  Primary mentors in poetry—Donne, Keats, Creeley; in philosophy—Plato, Wittgenstein.  A retired university-level teacher of literature, Clark is currently reconciling where, or if, slam, spoken word, and performance poetry work with his poetics.

Marli Merker Moriera - Behind Bars

I am a Brazilian-German woman born decades ago. Family, nature, people, and literature are my passions. I want peace, love, freedom, justice, and respect for diversity. Cornell University is my Alma Mater. A longtime professor, I believe learning never ends: each new reading of a poem always offers remarkable discoveries.

Christine Anderes - Never Sure / Somewhere else...

Christine Anderes …a conservationist and passionate animal advocate is currently working on three collections of poetry and a series of critical essays attesting to the beauty and resilience of nature using lyricism and humor to bring more mindfulness to the critical state of the planet and its inhabitants.

Wendy Joseph - Chief Joseph / Incantation

Wendy Joseph has sailed the world as a Merchant Seafarer. She holds two Master's in English. Her novel The Witch's Hand is the thinking person's sword and sorcery.

Bonnie Roberts - Road Signs for Love, Moral Outcasts, and the Anxious /

                              In Vacation Bible School, We Learn "That Everyone Is a Shining Creation of God, Made From the Stars He Also Made" 

Published at Mule on a Ferris Wheel; Alabama poet, editor; columnist; activist; ocean-swimmer; silent retreant; dog "herder";graduate poetry-writing professor; Fulbright Scholar;NEH Fellow; winner, Alabama Book of the Year Award

Claire Mikkelsen - Moanin' the Blues

Formerly a social worker, now working as a stained glass artisan.  Working member of the Alabama State Poetry Society.  Had poem selected for Whatever Remembers Us, an Alabama poets' anthology.

Frances Ayers - Well Fought Tears

I am a NYC Poetess and Social Worker who has been published in numerous anthologies, and online in Carty' Journal,Joyful,Angie's Diary,and in the literary journal FM. I also write essays and short stories.

Freddie Ostrovskis- The Waiting Tree

Seventeen year old writer from Derbyshire, inspired by an eclectic mixture of modern and historical authors and poets. His debut novella 'Viridi' is available on the amazon kindle bookstore to five star reviews. This is hopefully the first of many appearances in the Poetic Bond anthology, amongst other publications

Joseph Simmons - lostring

Awaiting Biography

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