PRESS RELEASE                  MARCH 26TH, 2018             PRESS RELEASE


The Only


actively seeking poetry specifically from New Media, Social and Professional Networking

opens for submissions on

March 31st, 2018

Since 2011, 389 poems by 176 poets, from 30 different countries, have been published in The Poetic Bond Series, making this annual anthology a vibrant source of new work from across the world. 
Many poets have received valuable, honest, feedback, and much exciting new work has been shared more widely with the public than ever before.

Continuing this mission, every single poet submitting their work to THE POETIC BOND VIII will receive a free* book from the Willowdown Books Catalogue  (*Free p&p to UK and US, p&p charges may apply to other regions)

After the success of last years' POETIC BOND POETS' CHOICE AWARDS, in which all the poets published in THE POETIC BOND VII were asked to vote for the three poems which most inspired and engaged them, Willowdown Books will once again be offering three awards of $25.

The 2017 Award Winners were

BETTY BLEEN  "Dancing in the Moonlight", FLAVIA COSMA  "I Gathered It All", and FIONA SULLIVAN  "Coming Home"

New for 2018, to make entry even easier this year all submissions will be managed through industry standard, professional management software supplied by SUBMITTABLE

Making a Poetic Bond - the ethos behind putting together the anthology

The process of selecting poems for publishing The Poetic Bond series is unlike any other in that there is no set plan as to what will be published. It depends on the themes which emerge from the pool of work submitted, or to put it another way, the poetic energy which comes together at this certain time and place.  Where themes emerge, patterns of energy harmonize, form bonds, connections, and these in turn lead to interconnected chapters, and the creation of a holistic volume, deeply connected with humanity, nature, and the universe.

So far 176 poets from 30 Countries have contributed 389 poems

“Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity”

 (Trevor Maynard, editor The Poetic Bond Series)

Editors' Notes

1.  Press contact Trevor Maynard at on 0 44 7966 079968 or by snail mail at Willowdown Books, 105 Crockford Park Road, Addletone, Surrey, UK, KT15 2LP

2. Trevor Maynard, UK based poet and writer, manager of Poetry, Review and Discuss Group, a major poetry group on LinkedIn with 18,808 members (March, 2018).  His new poetry collection is GREY SUN, DARK MOON was published September 14 2015.  He is also the author of several plays.  Further information at

3. Since 2011, 3,111 poems have been submitted to The Poetic Bond Series, from 720 individual poets.  Feedback was requested for, and has been provided for 1.722 poems.

4. The submission fee is $20/£15 for a maximum of four poems, the closing date is 30 June, 2018. Full Terms and Conditions are available from

5. All poems selected for publication will be automatically be put forward for The Poetic Bond Poets’ Choice Award, which will consist of three prizes of $25 for winning poems.  Details at the

6. The selection of books from the Willowdown Catalague from which entrants may receive their free book are;  The Poetic Bond, The Poetic Bond II, The Poetic Bond III, The Poetic Bond IV, The Poetic Bond V, The Poetic Bond VI, GREY SUN DARK MOON (a poetry collection) by Trevor Maynard, ECHOES IN THE EARTH (poetry) by Pushpita Awasthi, THE WATCHER FROM THE BEACON (poetry) by Peter Soron, KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON (poetry) by Trevor Maynard, FOUR TRUTHS (four one-act plays) by Trevor Maynard, FROM PILLOW TO POST (one-act play) by Trevor Maynard, GLASS (full-length play) by Trevor Maynard.