is pleased to announce the selected poets for



Amber Jimenez-Flores (US)/ Annel Bell Martin (US)/ April Fallon (US)/ Belinda DuPret (UK)

Betty Bleen (US) / Melissa Bird (UK)/ Diane Burrow (UK) / Chris Maynard (UK)/ Christine Anderes (US)

Cigeng Zhang (China) / Darrell Wright (US) / Deborah Nyamekye (Ghana) / Denisa Parsons (US)

Elaine Battersby (UK)/ Fiona Sullivan (UK) / Bon (Bonnie) Flach (US) / Flavia Cosma (Canada)

Gil Franke (US) / Kelli Gunn (Canada) / Pamela Hope Deluca Price (US) / Jane Johann (US)  

Joseph Simmons US) / Karen Henneberry (Canada) / Karen Rothstein (US) / Kayla Matheson (US) Sajida Khan (UK) / Lee Landau (US) / Lexene Burns (Australia) /  Madeline Lipton (US)

Lizzie La Pool (UK) / Tatjana LonĨarec (Croatia) / Low Kwai Chee (Malaysia)/ Marcia Weber (UK) / Mariangela Canzi (Italy) / Marie Youssefirad (US) / Mustofa Munir (US) / Nancy Scott (US)

Pedro Cunha (Portugal) / Richard Glen Smith (US) / Robin Ouzman Hislop (UK/Spain) / Joseph Sinclair (UK) / Suzanne Askham (UK) / Nana Tokatli (Greece) / Tom Sterner-Howe (US)/ Vensa Arsenic (US)

Brian Walker (UK)/ William DiBenedetto (US) / Vi De Vries (Canada) / Lynne Zotalis (US)


 BIOGRAPHIES of the Poets of The Poetic Bond VII


The Poetic Bond is the only annual international poetry anthology sought specifically from New Media, Social and Professional Networking.  The Poetic Bond VII will be published November 2017


Facts and Figures

This year will be the seventh volume and will be the most substantial publication to date with 112 poems by 50 poets from 11 countries.  More poets (207) submitted this year (146 in 2016), although the number of individual poems was down from 802 to 658.  Of those selected for publication 50% were from the US, with 29% from the UK, 8% from Canada, and the rest from other countries.  This year, for the first time, there is work by Portuguese, Ghanaian and Croatian poets. 

The Ethos of The Poetic Bond

The process of selecting poems for publishing The Poetic Bond series is unlike any other in that there is no set plan as to what will be published. It depends on the themes which emerge from the pool of work submitted, or to put it another way, the poetic energy which comes together at this certain time and place.  Where themes emerge, patterns of energy harmonize, form bonds, connections, and these in turn lead to interconnected chapters, and the creation of a holistic volume, deeply connected with humanity, nature, and the universe.

The Poetic Bond Poets’ Choice Award

All poems selected for publication will be automatically be put forward for The Poetic Bond Poets’ Choice Award, which will consist of three prizes of $25.  The award winners will be chosen by a process preferential voting by the poets who will have been selected for publication in The Poetic Bond VII.   Neither the editor, nor anyone connected with the production of The Poetic Bond Series, will have any input into the selection of award winners.  Details at www.thepoeticbond.com

Press Contact

Trevor Maynard at poetry@trevormaynard.com on 0 44 7966 079968 or by snail mail at Willowdown Books, 105 Crockford Park Road, Addletone, Surrey, UK, KT15 2LP.    

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