An anthology of poetry complied through new media and social networking




Christine Anderes                   The Power Of Circles       

ChristineAnderes is a writer/photographer with graduate degrees in Art History and an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington. Her poems have appeared in journals in Paris and the States.


Frances Ayers,                          Grief Has No Hold 

NYC Poetess; published in 3 Facebook anthologies and online in Joyful,Outsider Writers and Angies Diary; My poem As Old As The Sea came in third place in the May 2010 poetry contest.


Graham Bates                           Untitled        

G.D.Bates lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. His poems explore the landscape of thought and feeling, and are occasionally lyrical, but mostly in the form of free verse or prose.


Rebecca Behar                         The Tradition Man

Rebecca Behar is a French writer, poet and slam performer. She has published children stories and short stories, CDs of poetry and music, philosophy and literary criticism.

JE Bird                                       Part of the Process

JE Bird is a Jungian psychotherapist, and an artisan healer who creates her art by channelling healing energy into her paintings and poetry.  Her work has been exhibited and sold at Mind, Body, Spirit Fayres, Festivals and online.


Lewis Bosworth                          On Billy ; Coloring Kids   

I live in Madison, WI and am a retired linguist. I've written 3 books of poetry and a 4th is in progress. GLBTQ studies, writing. travel and music are my main interests. I also have a website:



Jessie Brown                         Lucy Clifton Rising in the Northern Sky ; Love Poem ; Novenas

Jessie Brown teaches, writes and performs in the greater Boston area. Her first chapbook, Lucky, won the 2011 Anabiosis Press competition; her second, What We Don't Know We Know, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.


Robert Campion                    Grey  

I worked many years as a proofreader for a national magazine, here in England. I am currently doing literary work--a romantic novel set in the ancient world.


Tim Coburn                           My Toybox was my Treasure Island    

My poetry is my personal journey. Born in 1958, Tim is English with Irish heritage, living in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, England.


Ian Colville                            Timed Out   

I've been writing poetry, albeit sporadically, for the last forty-odd years, since I succumbed to its power at school, however, the lion's share has been written in the last decade.


James Darcy                         Alone

I am an author of poetry and fiction novels. I live in Southampton, England. My writing style is driven by human observation and an emotional journey often tinged with sadness


Sam Doctors                          A Time Suspended           

Currently working on a book of memoir essays,  has written more than 350 poems, and in August 2011 Finishing Line Press published a chapbook of his poems, Moods & Moments of a Restless Mind. Retired professor from Harvard and Berkley.


Belinda DuPret                    Fruitful          

Grandmother, mother, wife to John-the-Painter. An ex-TV journalist with a wry sense of humour that reflects in her poetry, which is often gently self-mocking.


Nina Floreteng                    Spring of Awakening       

Have been writing poems since I was ten, mostly in Swedish, some in English. Since I want to share my poems I recently started a blog for my writings


Gilbert A. Franke                          The Stocking Cap 

GilbertFranke and his wife, Beth, live in Bellville, Texas, USA. Gilbert retired from ministry in the Lutheran church after thirty-seven years to spend time writing poetry and devotions.


William Gregory                  The Unseen

WilliamGregory born London, in 1962. Spent most of his working life in the print industry, but is now a care worker. He started writing in 2011, poems about his life, experiences, people or inspired by visual art. His first book was published in 2012.


Robin Hislop                      Far from Equilibrium        

Robin Hislop has also just completed an extended narrative poem in nine parts entitled World at Large, which needless to say is still available for publication.


Rachael Z Ikins                     Beneath a Saturn Sky      

From CNY, three award winning poetry chapbooks, a fourth poetry eBook for Kindle Amazon. First collection of short stories for release by Christmas; also three visual art shows and featured artist in October Syracuse NY.


Romi Jain                             Would you come to me? 

Romi Jain is VP of Indian Journal of Asian Affairs. Her publications include The Storm Within, Poetry! You Resurrect Me and Voices of Rocks in the Dusk.


Diane Jardel                                  Grass

I have been working as a poet/facilitator for Community Arts Partnership in Northern Ireland this year, visiting rural schools.My poems have been published in six anthologies.


Cathriona Lafferty                            A Love in Chains

A writer of poetry and prose, from Ireland. Interested in the diversity of poetry, she has created an online journal to promote an appreciation of poetry in society, titled: 'Poetic Thoughts' By Cathriona.


John Lambremont Sr.                   To My Octogenarian

John Lambremont, Sr. is a poet from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A. John edits Big River Poetry Review, his poems have been published internationally, and he has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize.


Frieda W Landau                       When the Revolution was Young         

Frieda W Landau is a writer and a photographer, specializing in military topics. She has a BA in history and an MA in English. Her parents are Holocaust survivors. 


Naomi Madelin                           When you meet me           

Naomi Madelin is a writer, mother and business woman currently based in New Zealand. Her haiku and senryu have appeared in print publications including Frogpond, Kokako and Paper Wasp. She writes wherever her mind wanders, including a blog:


Trevor Maynard                        Gently, I walk the water's edge ; My Love is Like the Ocean

Poet and playwright, his new collection of poems Keep on Keepin' On is due out in November 2012.  Lives in England with his wife Jo, and has a fourth grandchild on the way!


Marli Merker Moreira            First Kiss     

Born six decades ago, a German-Brazilian lost in identity. Four kids, eight grandchildren. Cornell University graduate. Taught literature for ages. It is time to rethink writings stored in the drawers of her mind.


Miklos Mezosi                        Farewell!  Do spend thy time and money well!         

Classicist (MA) and a Slavist (PhD) in Budapest, Hungary. I teach literature at university. My volumes of poetry: These are Attached Files(2009);The Golden Pot in Pieces(2011)


Linda Mills                                From My Eye          

Born with less than 7% vision words have always been my gateway to the universe.  Published in US, England, Japan & Taiwan. I now devote myself to writing and to my very supportive husband.


Robert S. Prattico                     Poetry is Dead       

Robert S. Prattico, J.D.: poet/essayist from Western Massachusetts. Publications include:  poems - “When Ice Melts It Leaves No Trace But Water”; essay - “Gay Rights are Universal Human Rights.”(2012)


Nancy Pritchard                      Dreaming in an Alley ; Allusions           

Nancy Pritchard lives, works and writes in St. Louis, Missouri. She would like to live and write more—work less. She enjoys single malt scotch, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and travel. That’s why she has to work.


Bonnie Roberts                      In Lieu of Flowers 

Alabama poet, editor, lecturer, columnist, ocean-swimmer, silent- retreatant; former poet-in-residence, graduate poetry-writing guest professor, Fulbright Scholar, NEH Fellow. To Hide in the Light:  1998 Alabama Book of the Year.


Nancy Scott                           The Poor Man's Bride      

Nancy Scott is an artist and the author of five books of poetry and managing editor of U.S.1 Worksheets, the journal of the U.S.1 Poets' Cooperative in New Jersey, USA


Sharla Lee Shults                    Echoes in Wartime

Sharla is a retired educator continuing to work as an educational consultant. Her passion is inspirational writing with two published books and a third to be available in September.


Peter Alan Soron                  in quietness and green    

Originally from the England, Peter spends much of his time in San Francisco nowadays, his collected poems, “The Watcher From the Beacon” was published in 2011,  available on Kindle.


Anthony Taylor                     The Barber

James A. Brown, a 73 yr. old retiree who writes under the pen name of Anthony Taylor. Mr. Brown lives in Carthage in deep East Texas & writes novels, short stories, essays on patriotism & as is the case with almost all writers, hopes those reading enjoy his works.                 


Janet M Gell Thompson    Little Lacemakers  

Written poetry and prose since age of six; many poems published in small presses and anthologies; two children's books published and a short story published in a local anthology recently.


Tom Watts                           On Visiting EL Castellon 

Freelance writer, radio presenter, musician and published poet, graduate of Royal Holloway University (English and Creative Writing), Tom has been actively writing for many websites for the past two years. He is currently traveling through South East Asia.


Ann Widdicor          Spent Aquilegia     

British woman living in Norway (40yrs) Artist-painting, pottery, paper clipping, poetry and writing. Nature is my muse in all that is my life.


A Michelle Yarborough                 Tank

Born January 5, 1964 in Lasing, Mi. Nominated Poet of the Year 2007 by the International Poet Society.