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The Poets of THE POETIC BOND anthology 2011

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Index of Poets


George Chijioke Amadi  (Lagos, Nigeria)

From Orji, Owerri, Imo State.  Studied French in Kinshasa.Worked as a journalist for many years before setting up a media consultancy and working with the UN.  Written a book for aspiring journalists and three of my poems recently appeared in Lagos-based magazine, Rurwactch. 

Poem: A Wife’s Neck Saved


Graham Bates (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Graham Bates lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he has published three volumes of poetry. He uses poetry to open the heart, where love, melancholy, and monstrosity all seek expression, and when expressed well, allow the reader a feeling of empathy or sublimity.

Poem: Touch


Marguerite Guzman Bouvard (Massachusetts, USA)

MGB is the author of 6 books or poetry. Her latest, "The Unpredictability of Light," won the MassBook award for Poetry in 2010. Her poems have been widely anthologized and have appeared in numerous magazines such as Raving Dove, Tiferet and Hawaii Pacific Review

Poems:  Bougainvillea/Invisible

Dan Brook (California, USA)

Dan Brook, Ph.D., is a poet, writer, photographer, and instructor of sociology and political science. Dan lives in San Francisco and his CV is online at

Poem: November Ninth


Bonnie Gail Carter (Indiana, USA)

Poems: I Will/The Chill Turned Warm


Alexander Clarke (Michigan, USA)

Alex Clarke is the youngest of six children, raised on a farm in rural Michigan. He is a Master's student of linguistics at Michigan State University. Though interested poetry since adolescence, he views himself as a poetic infant. His work has been heretofore unpublished.

Poem:Status Update


Durand J. Compton (Kansas, USA)

Durand Compton is the author of The Chronicles Of The Auto-Generator as well as many other works. He hails from LA by way of Omaha and now resides in Wichita. Durand Compton served his country through two wars and now devotes his time to writing and publishing.



LaurieCorzett (undisclosed)

Laurie Corzett/libramoon, seeking outlet for those crazy thoughtstreams, is always moving into new (or resurrected) projects, incl. Emerging Visions visionary art 'zine:

Poem: Under Cover of Lightning


Marian Dunn (Lancashire, England)

I have been published in several anthologies & The Literary Review. I am currently working on 2 poetry collections and my memoirs & sell poems via my website. I am a Reiki healer and use this skill to enhance the healing power of my words. I belong to The Poetry Society.

Poem: Watching the War


A.D. Fallon (Kentucky, USA)

A.D. Fallon is Professor of American Literature and Poetry at Kentucky State University. She is also a musician. She currently lives in Louisville, KY.

Poem: Futility of Desire


James Gilmore (California, USA)

James Gilmore is a poet, writer and filmmaker currently residing in Los Angeles.  He is passionate about his family, creativity, philosophy, and fine Bavarian beers.

Poem: My 30th


Sandra Hanks (Seychelles, Indian Ocean)

Published writer and poet. Two decades on a tropical island have added color to her take on life reflected in the unique perspective represented in her work.  "Papaya … and other seeds" (Short Stories) "It Gets Verse" (Poetry), available on her website, Paradise Preoccupied

Poem: “Moon Shine Supine”


Chi Holder (Missouri, USA)

Chi Holder was raised in Owensville, MO. She graduated from college with a BS in English Education. The tragic events of September 11th, and the spirit of the American people in the wake of this tragedy, inspired her poem, "Enduring the Storm". Chi currently resides in Steelville with her husband.

Poem: Enduring the Storm


Romi Jain (California, USA)

Romi Jain is a writer, poet, novelist, marketing professional, and IJAA Vice President. Her creative writings are: The Storm Within(2008; Indian ed. 2011) and Poetry! You Resurrect Me(2011). She is knowledgeable about SEO and is skilled at making intricate art designs.

Poem: Her New Abode


Diane Margaret Jardel (Co.Fermanagh, Northern Ireland)

Grew up North London. After 20 years as a college lecturer in Dorset I went to live in a spiritual retreat for three years, in Scotland, and connected with my creativity. I now live in Northern Ireland and have set up a writing group which gives me an incentive to write at least one poem or story a week.

Poem: The Mirror


Michael Lee Johnson (Illinois, USA)

Poet, and editor, from Itasca, Illinois who lived 10 years in Canada during the Vietnam era, published in 24 countries.  He runs five poetry sites, and published work is available at, Amazon.Com, Borders Books, iUniverse  and

Poems: Charley Plays a Tune/Kentucky Blue


Just Kribbe (California, USA)

Just Kibbe is a co-founder of Pirate Pig Press, Poets On Site, and Indelible Ink. His avant-garde visual art and poetry have appeared internationally. He teaches creative writing and speaks publicly about his work upon request, and welcomes commissions.

Poem: Telegram


Drake Mabry (Poitiers, France)

Composer, painter, photographer and poet. His music has been widely performed; his paintings and photography have been featured in numerous exhibitions. His collection of bilingual Poetry Drakedonius is published by Le Plac'Art. He divides his time between France, California and Istanbul.

Poems: Four Haiku


Trevor Maynard  (Surrey, England)     

Poet, writer, and playwright from Surrey in England.  My one-act plays and two of my other plays are published, as well as my poetry collection, “Love, Death and the War on Terror”.  Finalist in the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual 2011. Married to Jo with 4 kids and 3 grandchildren.

Poems: Redundant C/elegant grace eternal


Marli Merker Moreira (Sao Leopoldo, Brazil)

Born six decades ago, a German-Brazilian lost in identity. Four kids, eight grandchildren. Cornel University graduate, Visiting Scholar at Teachers College. Taught literature for four decades, and loved every moment of it. Now, I have time to organize my writings hidden for all those years...

Poem: Dead Woman


Debbie Edwards Morton (Ohio, USA)

Born and raised in west central rural Ohio. Married to a lovely English gentleman. Likes writing, sketching, and spending time with pets. Also enjoys genealogy and computers. Written poems since the age of 9. Prefers poems that send a message in hopes to better mankind.

Poem: What Will Happen?


Gillian Prew(Argyll, Scotland)

Gillian Prew is the author of two recent chapbooks, DISCONNECTIONS (erbacce-press) and In the Broken Things (Virgogray Press). A previous self-published book, the idea of wings, is also available via Amazon. Her poems have been published widely online and in print.

Poem: Birds and Bombs


NancyPritchard  (Missouri, USA)

Pritchard's work has appeared in Melic Review, Natural Bridge, RE(Verb, Fugue, and other journals. She teaches poetry for Springboard, a non-profit that places teaching artists in the city schools and is Marketing and Communications Director at Moneta Group.

Poems: Moon Madness/Trouble on the Line


Sarah Rahman (Karachi, Pakistan)

With "words" being the first and last infatuation of her life, she has embarked on a journey of communication. And she believes that she would not have been a poetess if her ex-hubby had not helped her discover her innate poetic genes.

Poem: The Worrying Whys Within


Rainbow Reed  (England)

Poet in residence at The Wicked Come; initially on a teaching course she hated, gaining a masters, but she was always experimenting with poetry style, form and structure.  Although published, became unhappy her style was too similar to everyone else, but has now settled on the Horror/ Dark Romantic genre which satisfies her dark imagination.

Poem: The Storm


Gill C Shaw (Lancashire, England)

Poem: Peace of Big Bear


Michael Shepherd (Somerset, England)

Michael Shepherd has been writing poetry for three years. He lives in Somerset with his wife and family. Michael is a social researcher. His poems are inspired by nature, people and life. 

Poem: In Expectation of Rain


Peter Alan Soron (undisclosed)

I travel a lot without moving so I do not come from anywhere. I like the Coen Brothers and I believe the answer is 42. This is my not my real name.

Poems: the grand i/Tough Call in E.Z. City


Tom Spencer (Indiana, USA)

A child of the forties, born in North West Indiana U.S.A. An active poet: in the Mid-West and Nation. Member of: NFSPS, ISFPC, NWIPS, Write on Hoosiers, and limited critique groups. A formalist at heart and an advocate of meter and assonance with the use of devices creating rhythms in poetry.

Poem: Festival of Souls


N. A’Yara Stein (Indiana, USA)

N. A’Yara Stein is a finalist in the 2011 National Poetry Series for her manuscript, Saudade, and was nominated twice for the 2010 Pushcart Prize. She holds an MFA from the University of Arkansas and is a contributing editor for the James Dickey Review.

Poems: Saudade/La Nuit Blanche


Ashleigh Stevens (London, England)

Ashleigh Stevens has a passion for poetry and has been writing in this genre just shy of 20 years. Working towards a career in copywriting, she is a keen blogger and creative writer, with the ambition to have her current working novel published.

Poem: I feel like dancing in the night


Tom Watts (Surrey, England)

Tom watts is a graduate of the University of Royal Holloway. His poetry incorporates Joycean-esque linguistics, and strong influences from the Romantic Poets. Aside from poetry, Watts writes short stories and screenplays.

Poem:The World’s Waif


Mark Jason Welch (Barbados, West Indies)

Poem: The Truth about Oranges





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